The Owner

Greetings, I am Alejandro Meza, known by various names like "Alex," "Meza," "TT," and more. Many of you may have encountered me or seen me in my videos, each knowing a distinct version of myself. To my family, I am bound by blood; to my friends, I am a loyal companion; to my lover, I am her soulmate, and to the world, I am a reflection of the experiences shared with me. It is important to recognize that there are diverse perceptions of me, and not all versions align with each other.

Nevertheless, one constant aspect across all these versions is my unwavering ambition to be the best possible version of who I am. This drive emanates from a traumatic incident during my childhood. In brief, I lost my family at the tender age of eight; my mother was imprisoned for four years, and my brothers were deported after serving an 11-year sentence in prison. In the midst of these challenges, I found refuge in the embrace of unfamiliar relatives who eventually became dear to me, forming my newfound family.

When my mother completed her four-year sentence, she visited me but made the decision not to reclaim me as her son. Instead, she entrusted me to the care of my new family. At the time, this was one of the most heart-wrenching experiences of my life. This decision completely upended my world, leaving me in a state of denial. As days turned into months and my new family embraced me with education, morals, manners, purpose, and, above all, love, I underwent a transformation I never thought possible. While I certainly don't consider myself a superhero, the change from my previous self was so profound that it felt as if I had become one.

I came to understand my trauma and learned not to indulge in self-pity or drown in my past experiences. Instead, I chose to take pride in my ability to overcome adversity and find fulfillment in life despite the challenges. This mindset, akin to carrying a chip on my shoulder, pushed me to excel. From once being a student who never attended school, I have grown into a shining example of academic excellence, achieving an impressive 4.1 GPA average and securing over $25,000 in college scholarships. As a first-generation student who started with humble beginnings, I am now firmly on the path to becoming a civil engineer, proving that determination and hard work can overcome any obstacle.

My journey has been one of transformation, not just academically, but physically as well. From being malnourished as an 8-year-old, I have developed into a strong and resilient individual, pushing my body beyond its limits and achieving feats I once thought were impossible. My physical strength now mirrors the mental fortitude I have cultivated over the years.

But it wasn't just academics and physical challenges I faced; my past as a child of abuse left me with a below-average emotional IQ. However, my heart brimming with hope led me to find my soulmate, and through her, I discovered the true meaning of love and compassion. Her influence allowed me to grow emotionally, nurturing a deep understanding of empathy and kindness towards others.

I share my story to provide you with perspective on the hurdles I've overcome and the immense growth I've experienced. It's a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and love. With every step forward, I am proving to myself and others that the human spirit can triumph over adversity and transform lives in remarkable ways.

Though I'm aware that I'm still a work in progress and have a long way to go to become the man I aspire to be, I believe I am heading in the right direction. With all of this in mind, I felt compelled to create something meaningful to me—a reflection of the positive impact on my life. I know my story is just one among many that deserve to be told, and I am aware that there are others who have faced greater hardships than mine.

I want the world to understand that adversity can be faced with pride and honor, not because it defines us through trauma, violence, or abuse, but because it builds resilience and gives us the strength to persevere. In the end, my name is Alejandro Meza, and these sweaters hold immense significance for me. They symbolize how losing my family turned out to be the greatest blessing in disguise—a profound revelation that has shaped my life for the better.